Fire Pump and Industrial Controls

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We are pleased to present for your review and consideration the following list of products and services offered through our manufacturer's representative and product sales division.


Master Control Systems - Invented Variable Speed Fire Pump ControllersMaster Control Systems - Invented Variable Speed Fire Pump Controllers



*Standard "MC" Series Electric Driven Fire Pump Controllers:


  • MCA-Across-the-Line Starting
  • MCL-Limited Service Starting
  • MCO-Wye Delta Open Transition Starting
  • MCY-Wye-Delta Closed Transition Starting
  • MCR-Primary Reactor Starting
  • MCP-Part Winding Starting
  • MCT-Autotransformer Starting
  • MCS-Soft Start Starting
  • Automatic Transfer Switches


*Premier "EC"-Series: Intelligent Electric Driven Fire Pump Controllers, Featuring Master's Exclusive PR4001 Technology.
Features Include Paperless Recording and Reporting of Pressure and Alarm Events and Provides an Exclusive Five-Year Warranty. Additionally, a limited Five Year Guarantee Against Lightning or Power Surge Damage is provided.


  • ECA-Across the Line Starting
  • ECP-Part Winding Starting
  • ECR-Primary Reactor Starter
  • ECO-Wye Delta Open Transition Starting
  • ECY-Wye Delta Closed Transition Starting
  • ECS-Soft Start Starting
  • ECT-Autotransformer Starting
  • ECH-Medium Voltage (Listed Up to 5000 Volts)



*Standard "DCF/DCM" Series Diesel Driven Fire Pump Controllers and Battery Chargers


  • Model DCFRA Relay Logic Floor Mounted
  • Model DCMRA Relay Logic for Wall or Skid Mounting
  • Built in Dual Battery Chargers 10 to 20 Amp
  • Units Available in 12 VDC and 24 VDC
  • Positive and Negative Ground Units Available


*Premier "DCF/DCM" Series: Intelligent Diesel Driven Fire Pump Controllers, With Master PR4001 Technology
Featuring Paperless Recording and Reporting of Pressure and Alarm Events, Exclusive Five Year Warranty.


  • Model DCFRA-XP-Through the Door Readout.
  • PC and Laptop Compatible Through Windows (tm) for Pressure and Alarm Reporting.
  • 12 VDC and 24 VDC Units Available


*Electric Motor Driven Jockey Pump Controllers (PMC, JPC), Remote Alarm Panels (MCAP, RAP, & SAP) and Battery Chargers (MBC-6)


  • PMC,JPC-Jockey Pump Controller
  • MCAP, SAP and RAP Remote Alarm Panels for up to 16 Circuits
  • LSSC-Low Suction Alarm Panel
  • Stand Alone Battery Chargers and DC Power Supplies


*Custom Electric Driven Pump Controller Division


  • Simplex, Duplex and Triplex Booster Pump Controllers Custom Built To Customers Specifications.
  • Water Booster Pump Systems. Waste Water Pumping Systems, and Irrigation Pumping Systems.