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We are pleased to present for your review and consideration the following list of products and services offered through our manufacturer's representative and product sales division.


Master Control Systems - Invented Variable Speed Fire Pump ControllersMaster Control Systems - Invented Variable Speed Fire Pump Controllers



*Standard "MC" Series Electric Driven Fire Pump Controllers:


  • MCA-Across-the-Line Starting
  • MCL-Limited Service Starting
  • MCO-Wye Delta Open Transition Starting
  • MCY-Wye-Delta Closed Transition Starting
  • MCR-Primary Reactor Starting
  • MCP-Part Winding Starting
  • MCT-Autotransformer Starting
  • MCS-Soft Start Starting
  • Automatic Transfer Switches





Harvey and Associates, Inc. is an authorized dealer for Farenhyt (by Silent Knight) fire alarm equipment. Additionally, we offer alarm and detection equipment manufactured by Firelite, Potter Signal and Ademco.

Fire and security monitoring is provided by Security Central.


IFP-1000, IFP100, IFP-50 Fire Alarm Control Systems

IFP-1000, IFP100, IFP-50 Fire Alarm Control Systems by Farenhyt





Harvey and Associates, Inc. maintains a vast inventory of parts and other miscellaneous items for use in the fire protection industry. The following list gives examples of some of the items we stock in our Fountain Inn, SC warehouse.


  • Parts for the leading brands of fire pumps.
  • Fire pump and jockey pump controller parts for most major brands.
  • Backflow preventer parts.
  • Dry valve and alarm valve parts, trim, and accessories.
  • Fire sprinkler heads, escutcheons, guards, etc.
  • Sprinkler system signs.
  • Hydrant wrenches.
  • Fire hoses and hose equipment.